ECOAR))) is a space of a global nature with people who are coordinated, build and operate, from the local to the international:

  • to address the injustices and global problems related to human rights and the environment.
  • to enable citizens to act effectively and efficiently on the basis of analysis, planning and strategy.

The climate struggle is an axis with which we always count when we organize or participate in other campaigns. In a transversal way, we also include it in diverse and adjacent areas such as the Anticapitalist/Antiglobalization and Human Rights Violations campaigns.

We participate in different campaigns, work groups as well as international actions such as Climate Games, Fechar Almaraz, Clima21 (on the COP21), Ende Gelände, Climate Justice Action, etc. And right now we are part of the platform A Future Without Coal. We also organize awareness talks and debate spaces, only in Galiza in a more local level for now.


Last modified: Thursday June 6th, 2019