Rebelión por el Clima shows its solidarity with the 30 activists arrested for the action of June 21st in which it was publicly pointed out how Repsol is one of the Spanish companies most responsible for the climate crisis. Repsol is a leader in greenhouse gas emissions in Spain, in the development of false solutions to alleviate the climate crisis, in the extractivism of resources in countries of the Global South and in the hoarding of public funds and fossil fuel lobbying.

Rebelión por el Clima activists re-emphasise their moral commitment to the protection of all people and the planet. After months of demanding measures in line with scientific indications, these are not forthcoming. On the contrary, today we see how the same companies that have led us to the climate emergency continue to perpetuate a socially and environmentally predatory model without anyone putting a stop to it. The courts should hold accountable the governments and companies that are burning our future, not the people who put their bodies on the line to protect the planet. 


Last modified: Monday June 21st, 2021